The Second Turning

The Feeds Book Two

Nicole Grotepas

Samuel Ramone is on the run, chased by an Enforcer bent on torturing him and dragging him back to a life enslaved to Kirkwood and the Feeds. His one hope is a resistance camp hidden in the mountains.

He has three allies – two of them are on the run with him. The third is the Editor who engaged the Enforcer. Can Ramone really trust him? Does he have any other choice?

And will the rebels see him for who he really is – or will they blame him for what he created?

There were enough distractions in the world for him to safely avoid unpleasant memories.

– The Second Turning

Once again Grotepas tackles difficult questions in her writing. The quandary of who deserves to die is debated at length by Ramone, Blythe, and Marci, as well as others. Should the Enforcer die because he tortures and kills people? Would his death save future victims? What if Ramone’s life could be sacrificed to keep the rebels safe?
Do any of us have the right to decide who lives or who dies?

A thought provoking story that leaves you asking this very question up until the very end. Unfortunately, it was that ending that let the book down. The whole plot is driving toward an unavoidable confrontation. But it was over and done in just a few pages. And we didn’t experience it through Ramone’s eyes (or even Blythe’s or Marci’s.) Instead, it’s told from the POV of the two characters with the least emotional investment.

Can’t wait for Book 3 to come out to find out what happens to Ramone and his battle for privacy.

(Some swearing throughout.)