The Feeds Book One

Nicole Grotepas

The Feeds broadcast your life – every moment of it – online for others to watch. How can there be crime when someone is always watching? How can you remain ordinary when it’s so easy to make content and become famous?

Samuel Ramone created the nanocameras that started it all. But the cost is too high. The loss of absolute privacy is not a price he’s willing to pay any longer. But how can he break free when someone is always watching?

There were always rebels. There were always people who chose not to submit, disruptors of something quite perfect, in the end.

– The First Cycle

Grotepas poses an interesting question with this book. Are we willing to give up our privacy for the promise of safety? If our most intimate moments are broadcast, then there’s no room for criminals to plan, to act. A dilemma we inch closer to every day as more and more content is shared on social media.

A well-written story with a cast of characters that probe at every angle of this intense question. Full of action that pulls you to the ending that is almost a cliff-hangar, but will definitely make you want to read the next in the series.

(Some swearing and descriptions of torture.)