A Case Lee Prequel

Vince Milam

Case Lee needs a job, but his Delta Force days have left him with only a few options. With bounty hunters after him, he needs a new life. His first assignment for a mysterious Swiss firm sends him to the shipping city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. With help from a Delta buddy, Lee uncovers more than he bargained for.

A fun origin story for what I’m sure will be an action-packed series. Milan has a unique voice. The story is told in first person in a way reminiscent of an old man recounting his adventures to his grandchildren, complete with embellishments – although not really a story you’d tell children.

The shipping industry is admittedly a hard one to write about if you know nothing about it, but the lack of research in this key aspect of the book was disappointing, leading to a rather implausible plot.

While the main character lacked logic in many ways, the cast of characters were diverse and entertaining.