Relic Runner 3

Ernest Dempsey

A pair of pistols made by Samuel Colt has been stolen. Relic Runner Dak Harper tracks them to North Carolina where the country roads lead him straight to Hattie Markham. Hattie introduces Dak to a local problem: Mitchell Baldwin.

Baldwin owns this town, and he’s determined to squeeze every last penny from it, no matter the cost to those who live there.
Dak needs those Colt pistols, but he’s going to have to clean up the town to get them.

Another high-octane thriller from Dempsey. Harper is relentless in his pursuit of his objective. The body
count for this one is much lower than the previous two books in the series, but Dak doesn’t hesitate to
eliminate those in his way. Despite the death toll, the violence stops short of being gratuitous. It’s refreshing
to read a thriller with no swearing or explicit content.

Dempsey writes well with great descriptions and believable characters. Although I did find myself easily
pulled from the story, I’m looking forward to reading more about Dak and his relics.