Quarter One Roundup

Oh look, it’s the end of Quarter One, and I’ve not done an update since the beginning of the year. (I did say that posting consistently was one of my biggest challenges.)

So here’s my overall goals for 2022 again:

  1. Write and publish one new Team Colt novel.
  2. Edit & re-release the first three books in the series.
  3. Have a more consistent presence online.
  4. Rebuild my website.

And my January goals:

  1. Have a chat with my alpha readers about what needs to happen in this next book to keep the series arc in play.
  2. Reread Out of Options and make notes on changes I want to make.
  3. Blog weekly and post on FB/Instagram at least three times a week.
  4. Read Newsletter Ninja and do maintenance on my newsletter. It’s a key part of my website interaction, and I want to ensure it’s the best I can make it for my readers.

So. Progress. (This is my favorite part. I get to celebrate the cool things I’ve done.)

  1. I re-read and cleaned up all three books. And I reformatted the paperbacks so they all match and have cool graphics for the chapter headings.
  2. Had a couple really good conversations with my alpha reader about where the series is heading. And I’ve decided to re-write Cross Winds, adding about 20,000 words to the story. More about this later.
  3. Including this post, I’ve written nine blogs. Not quite as many as I’d hoped, but not too bad either. And I’ve done a lot better at being consistent on social media.
  4. I did a small restructure of my site (do you like it?), but not I’m not sure it’s 100% there yet. And I’ve done the newsletter maintenance.

I’m pretty happy with everything I’ve accomplished so far this year. Treating every three months as a new start helps remove both overwhelm and procrastination. And now that I’ve cleared up a lot of the admin work that had been piling up, I can go into the rest of the year with a clean(ish) slate.

Goals for the next three months:

  1. Rewrite Cross Winds (Shall be using April’s Camp NaNoWriMo to focus on this.)
  2. Plot Book 3 (and start writing if possible.)
  3. Continue being consistent on Facebook and Instagram. Post a blog at least twice a month.
  4. Continue updating website and rebranding.

What are your big goals for the next quarter?