The Grumman FF-1 was a first in many aspects. It was the first fighter with retractable landing gear, it had an enclosed cockpit, and the fuselage was an all metal, stressed skin. The FF-1 was the first complete aircraft design for the US Navy by the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation.

The FF-1 had a maximum speed of 207mph, and a ceiling of around 22,000 feet. The two-person crew consisted of a pilot and observer/gunner who operated the two machine guns. The FF-1 also carried two 100-116 lbs bombs under the wings.

Variants were flown by the United States Navy, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Mexican Air Force, the Military Aviation Corps of Nicaragua, and the Spanish Air Force.

Affectionally known as “Fifi”, the FF-1 first entered service aboard the USS Lexington in 1933. In 1936, they were withdrawn from Naval squadrons and reassigned to reserve units.